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Theculture. 3 Case Studiesclear link to war/defence and also sports such as golf andbowls. and lawn tennis. 7. fives. Such games include real tennis. football. 3. Games involving ritual – These games include baiting animals. Jousts/tournamentsanimal baiting. The sports are non contact and mainly The countryside was a place of recreation as well as aindividual contests.

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Today this company offers everything from the search engine, to an email service, to YouTube videos and even mobile phone apps. As of 2011, this now publicly traded company, had revenues of nearly $38 billion and a gross profit of…… Google Social Responsibility"Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information" Annual Report, 2011. The corporate social responsibilities of Google, Inc. include addressing global challenges of climate change, education, and poverty alleviation Corporate Social Responsibility, 2011. Google China Social Innovation Cup for College Students is designed to encourage youth to be agents of social change. Google, Inc. supports earthquake relief efforts raising funds for free advertising for businesses to rebuild, communication platforms for families to find loved ones, and funding for construction of Quake Relief Hope Schools. Google Grants is a program that provides free advertising for charities. ecause Google, Inc. is a global company, technology plays an integral role in how the programs and platforms work. Cultural issues become a part for social responsibility in all countries around the globe.

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Let's have a look see.

“The company takes every opportunity to remind employees what USAA’s customers’ lives are like” McGregor, 2005.

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