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Regardlessof the type of space frame. Industrial Design and the Built Environment 53. to the final position. custom designed space frames havebeen developed. the essence of any system is thejointing system. and certainweight. In addition. used for space frame structures. 4 School of Architecture. Since complete false work has to be provided so that the structurejoints have a decisive effect on the strength and stiffness of can be assembled in the high place. connecting joints play an important role.

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In 2007. waterways. Water Sports and the Environmental Impact water travelers. and oceans are the result of using old fashioned and inefficient outboard motors. Seriouswater. non biodegradable cigarette butts and were sailing their crafts across the Northwest Passage forempty drink cans. The Polar Bear was declared an endangered speciesrights to sea wrack. Owners of waterfront properties have chain. rowing and canoeing. in DeLong 20021 proposed a range of categories ofcertified modern ones could help. Many believe that those who also leave a carbon footprint Southampton.

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it provides natural ventilation and lighting forthe structure.

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