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Their product line is one of the most extensive, ranging from competitive to home and business. Their tables highlight well built cabinets, telescopic rods, attractive designs for various skills and ages, and superior ball control. January 30, 2008: Discount NEW FOOSBALL BOOK World champion legend Johnny Lott and Kathy Brainard have finally published their new definitive book on foosball, to follow up their 70's classic, the out of print "The Complete Book of Foosball" which if you can even find it, will sell for hundreds of dollars. The new book is called the World Table Soccer ALMANAC, and it's a monstrous 708 pages!It has everything!Currently there's a limited time offer for $10 discount on both the hardcover and softcover. Click here for information. August 10, 2006: Bulgarian Foosball: I've been informed that the Bulgarian Table Soccer federation has just been formed!Great to see foosball expanding everywhere!Their new website is , and they even have an English language forum. Good luck guys, and thanks for the note!August 2, 2006: Foosball DVD released: FOOS Be The Greatest The History of American Foosball DVD has just been released!More info at foosmovie. com. Take a look!July 27, 2005: Online foosball updated, join the betatest: The Miniball online foosball game has been upgraded to Miniball2. Miniball2 has just opened a beta test this week, and it goes until August 2005, so be sure to check out their site here. International league play will soon follow thereafter.

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Winners that are also first year teams will receive free entry into a future World Series of Beer Pong WSOBP Satellite.

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