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We can definitely say that the teachers in schools shoulder a very big responsibility of teaching the children basic values which are as important as the academic lessons. Positive reinforcement for children is a way of motivating them by appreciating their good qualities. Now, let us know how to use positive reinforcement in the classroom and the effectiveness of positive reinforcement in the succeeding paragraphs. Importance of Positive Reinforcement in the ClassroomThe main motive behind using positive reinforcement in the classroom is to encourage the students to repeat the acts done by them, which are good and would prove useful for them and for the class. The students will feel encouraged to repeat their acts only if they receive appreciation for them. However, while appreciating, need to that teachers follow certain rules which will result in the advantage of the entire class and not a certain group of students.

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There are many subjects, if not at all subjects, which I dedicate time to reflect upon.

You may have to change your parenting style according to the child's growth.

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